PhilippePhilippe Le Miere Artist is a website where I publish the development of my visual ideas for art collectors and curators. I seek to present engaging and unique expressions of contemporary visual culture. Launched in 2006 my studio is located in Fitzroy, Australia.

Learn more about my visual art practice by navigating the main sections:

Paintings: This section is an archive of completed paintings. It documents the development of past works of art held in various collections. Please feel welcome to contact me to commission a painting. Happy to discuss paintings based on prints, existing paintings or new ideas.

Dream Lab: The dream lab drawings represent a long term personal project for visually recording each morning a key dream event. Linked to my interest in visual culture, dream language forms the basis of understanding the irrational side of mainstream culture. While each drawing might be weird and unique, they continue to make for great social media conversations.

Exhibitions: Here is a collection of material on past exhibitions. Always open to submitting a work of art for curated group exhibitions and events.

philippe studio 01About Philippe Le Miere the Artist:
In 2008, I quit the academic life of art lecturing after two successful solo exhibitions in 2006 and 2007. The first solo exhibition, titled Landscape Memories, was a series of 3D computer generated landscapes based on my memories of growing up around the Mornington Peninsula scenery. The following year's exhibition, titled 'Primitive Landscapes', saw these digital landscapes develop into populated scenes where primal narratives unfolded.

Following this exhibition saw the digital video animation from 'Primitive Landscapes' exhibited as part of the Gertrude Association's Digital Media Street Festival. The Williamstown Festival Contemporary Art Prize also included a latter digital landscape as part of their finalist exhibition.

philippe le miere cosh living hockney

The tradition of painting has always informed my practice as an artist. Since the formative years of completing a Bachelor of Fine Art at the Victorian College of the Arts, the principles of composition, colour and design have played a paramount role. 2011 saw the beginning of painting full-time and the evolution to where the practice is now. The first painting to be exhibited was at the annual Toyota Community Spirit Gallery from a series where a geometric manikin transforms into a skeleton. From there a science fiction theme evolved, that then further developed into a basis in popular culture.

philippe paintingThe most recent paintings can be characterised as a critical play on the popular culture of fine art. A series celebrating how the icons of modern art have evolved into our mainstream.

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